Better online meetings

Aimed at:

Anyone who is responsible for running online business meetingsĀ using web conferencing software.


  • Key questions: what do we need to achieve? is a meeting the best way of achieving this? is web conferencing the most appropriate medium for the meeting?
  • Essential preparation: what do we need to cover? can we achieve this in a single session? who really needs to be there and for which elements? who will be responsible for what at the meeting?
  • Pre-work: what can participants do in advance that will save time at the meeting?
  • Details: setting up the meeting, anticipating technical problems
  • Communicating effectively with voice and live video
  • Presenting effectively using PowerPoint, application sharing and web tours
  • Getting things done: techniques for data gathering, idea generation, decision-making, action planning
  • Getting interactive: polls, whiteboard activities, text chat and more
  • Managing the session: maintaining attention, responding to the unexpected, encouraging participation, keeping on time and on track
  • Following up: documenting outcomes, publishing recordings, setting up and moderating discussion forums, evaluating the session


The core of the course is a 75-minute online workshop for up to 12 participants. The workshop will teach by example, using highly-interactive and collaborative problem-solving techniques to help participants arrive at practical solutions to common problems with online meetings.

Before the online session, participants will (1) complete a short online questionnaire, designed to uncover the most typical obstacles to successful online meetings and (2) view a short stand-alone presentation on techniques for effective online meetings.

After the session, participants will be provided with a checklist for meeting planning and a comprehensive handout.

Each participant needs the use of a PC equipped with a broadband connection to your web conferencing software and a headset.

Next steps:

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