SkillsJourney is a project initiated by Clive Shepherd and Barry Sampson in 2009 and now integrated fully into Onlignment. The purpose of the SkillsJourney project is to help in meeting the e-learning skills gap. What skills gap, you ask? Well, take a look at the presentation …

The e-learning skills gap

The e-learning skills matrix

One of the first tasks undertaken within the project has been to define an e-learning skills matrix. This has been designed to help organisations to assess the impact of e-learning on the roles of learning & development professionals, subject experts, e-learning specialists and other personnel, to identify skills gaps, and to locate resources that would help in bridging any gaps. For this process to work well, each learning and development position has to be assessed against the matrix, to see which skills apply and at which level; each job holder has to be assessed against the skills applicable to their particular position; and each available learning resource and intervention has to be reviewed to determine the skills that it addresses and to which level.

The e-learning skills matrix 2010 (PDF, 180K)

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