The Learning Object Design Assistant

LODA is a reference tool for designers and writers of online learning and performance support materials, to help them select the right strategy to meet their particular objectives. LODA collects together the hard-won experience and practical insights of some of the world’s most successful learning and information designers and structures them in an easy-to-use format that you can be using in minutes. LODA won’t write your content, but it will certainly ensure that you know how.

Learn how to design: procedures (how to do things); processes (how things work); concepts (types of things); structures and layouts; rules and principles; simulations; games; decision aids; case studies; drill and practice exercises; tests; questionnaires.

LODA provides detailed instructions for more than 40 types of learning and knowledge object, along with six comprehensive visual demos.

LODA e-book (PDF, 150 pages, 4.4MB)

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