Learning strategy

The Onlignment partners have unparalleled experience in the formulation of organisational learning and development strategy. As a result, we have been able to develop some unique initiatives that address some of the most important issues in 21st century learning strategy:

The new learning architect

Clive Shepherd’s latest book outlines the role of a new breed of learning and development strategists. The new learning architect designs environments for learning that carefully balance the need for formal, non-formal, on-demand and experiential approaches. The book outlines both a model and a process which can be used to create a learning strategy for an organisation as a whole, for a department, region or function, or to support a particular project or programme.

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Transforming the provision of training

The huge cost, time and environmental pressures that organisations are currently facing are dictating a fundamental shift in the way in which formal learning interventions are delivered. It is no longer viable for organisations to rely on traditional methods which involve lengthy spells off-the-job in the bricks-and-mortar classroom. Courses are now much shorter, much more work-focused and increasingly employ a wide range of online media. This transition is not an easy one and this is where Onlignment can help.

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SkillsJourney and the e-learning skills matrix

The rapid increase in the use of online media to support learning and development has left many learning and development professionals behind. As a result we are facing a sizeable e-learning skills gap. As a result, Onlignment has developed the E-learning Skills Matrix, which helps organisations to assess the impact of e-learning on the roles of learning & development professionals, subject experts, e-learning specialists and other personnel.

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The blended learning cookbook

Blended solutions combine a variety of learning methods and media to provide interventions which are more efficient than traditional offerings, while not compromising on effectiveness. In his seminal Blended Learning Cookbook, Clive Shepherd put forward a model for the design of blended solutions which is now in use by hundreds of different organisations.

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