Although Onlignment is not principally a design and development services provider, our partners have lifetimes of award-winning experience in this area and can assist you in a number of ways:

Top-level learning design

We can help you as you think through and scope out a new blended learning intervention. Using our More Than Blended Learning methodology, we can help you to define learning requirements, analyse audience characteristics, identify opportunities and constraints, select an appropriate learning strategy, choose effective methods and select efficient delivery media.

As an example, our design for Plan International’s blended Certificate in Management won a UK National Training Award in 2009.

Content development projects

If you have major, long-term requirements for external e-content development, we can assist you in finding appropriate partners and/or building internal capacity. However, with our many highly-specialist associates, we can certainly undertake smaller content development projects, perhaps as exemplars to act as templates for future work, or where you require truly world-class design thinking for a very specialist or leading-edge project. As an alternative, we can work alongside your chosen content developer as design consultants.

As an example, Ten Ways to Avoid Death by PowerPoint was awarded Generic Product of the Year at the World of Learning Awards, 2004.

Virtual classroom session design

Onlignment can help you by designing bespoke online learning sessions for your facilitators to run, including presentation slides, interactions and comprehensive facilitator notes. We can then support your facilitators as they develop the skills and confidence to run the sessions themselves.

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