Onlignment provides strategic consultancy services across all aspects of online learning and communications:

Live online communications

  • Assessing the potential value of virtual classroom sessions, webinars and online meetings for your organisation.
  • Choosing web conferencing tools.
  • Planning the successful implementation of live online communications, including policy guidelines, change management and skills development.

Social media

  • Assessing the ways in which social media could add value to learning and communications in your business.
  • Selecting social media tools.
  • Planning for successful implementation, including policy guidelines, change management and skills development.

Digital content

  • Assessing the potential for your organisation to enhance its learning and communications through the use of digital content in all its forms, from simple web resources to podcasts, videos and interactive learning materials.
  • Selecting authoring tools and content management systems.
  • Establishing templates and style guidelines.
  • Building content creation skills.

Learning strategy

  • Evaluating the overall learning architecture within your organisation as a whole or a specific department or functional area.
  • Investigating performance problems and identifying learning needs.
  • Selecting learning management systems and other software platforms.
  • Transforming the provision of learning and development.

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