Congratulations to Concern Worldwide

We were delighted to learn that Concern Worldwide recently won the award for best leadership development initiative at the National Training and Development awards in Ireland. The award recognises the results that Concern have achieved through their Pathway programme – a broad ranging leadership development programme available to managers across the organisation. Pathway is a […]

Why I ran a 5-day course

making stuff

It had been something like ten years since I’d run a course that lasted a whole week. After all, nobody has time to spend so long away from work any more, do they? And anyway, five days is far too long to be spent in formal learning mode, which is why we have blends. So, […]

eLearning Network Board Elections


As long time supporters of the eLearning Network we wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate all of the newly elected and re-elected board members. Of course, we’re extremely proud that our very own Eugénie King is one of those newly elected members. Good luck to all of the board. If you’ve never been to […]

Learn to love your tools

old carpentry tools on a stone floor

Not so long ago I was at a conference, and I went to see a session being jointly presented by an elearning supplier and their client (a large organisation, represented by someone with the job title of Elearning Manager). The client gave a good introduction to the business issues they had faced and the problems […]

Utilising the experts

Helping hand mini

One of the hardest professional skills to master is understanding your own limitations. Once you’ve got to grips with that, you then need to call upon the right people for help. Our recent redesign of the Onlignment website and brand is a case in point. Here is an insight into the problem we faced. The […]

What’s bin did and what’s bin hid

giving an idea bulb

I was never a great fan of the music of the folk singer Donovan, but I admired him for coming up with one of the most eye-catching titles of all time for a debut album. I’ve borrowed it as the title for this post. It directs me towards practices and prejudices I’ve met in my […]

Compliance or competence? Choose your target


A few years back, I had the opportunity to take on a consultancy assignment in deepest Africa. Before I could go, I had to complete an e-learning course around issues of health, safety and security. As I found out, in some parts of the world safety and security are very important issues, with real risk […]

Lessons From Learning Ukulele


I’ve been playing the ukulele for a while now1, but decided recently that it was time for some proper lessons. It’s the first time in a while that I’ve participated in any kind of formal face to face learning and it’s been useful not just as a budding ukelelist but also because of what I’ve […]