On motivation – The last word

Epilogue Part 12 and the final instalment of a series on motivation

I first conceived this series and began to write notes as I sat on platform 11 of Birmingham New Street Station. I had my iPad and 40 minutes to kill before my connecting train was due.

I kept a regular watch on the VDUs to check for delays or alterations.

At the scheduled time of departure some intuition drew my attention to platform 10 opposite.

I watched fascinated as my last train departed from there.

Did you miss your train, Sir?

An old joke goes:

Question: “Did you miss your train Sir?”

Answer: “No. I didn’t like the look of it so I chased it out of the station”

In high dudgeon I marched off to the Duty Station Manager’s office to lodge my protest – why had there been no notification of the late change of platform.

Well there had been no fewer than three tannoy announcements, each of which I had successfully filtered out. I am prepared to attest that Birmingham New Street station is the noisiest place on earth with tannoys announcing arrivals and departures in a near-constant assault of noise. Unfortunately, the video displays had not caught up with this new information and so, satisfied with that channel of information, I missed my train.

There is a lesson to be learned – the next time you feel ready to say, “They should have known; the information was there for them to hear, see read, etc”, take heed.

Thanks for reading.

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