Towards Maturity 2012 Benchmark Study

Today sees the launch of the Towards Maturity 2012 Benchmark Study, the largest benchmark study of its type in Europe.

The Towards Maturity Benchmark study provides a unique opportunity for organisations to review their current approach to learning, compare their progress with peers and to use this information to take action to improve performance. In 2011, an astonishing 73% of participants reported that just taking part in the study had given them new ideas to improve the impact of their learning services. This year’s study is even more thought provoking, thanks to the valuable input of leading industry experts including Jane Hart, Charles Jennings, Nigel Paine, Rob Hubbard and Onlignment’s own Clive Shepherd. 1

Taking part in the confidential 2012 Benchmark Study is easy; it takes between forty minutes to an hour to review an organisation’s approach to learning using the online survey. Once completed, participants will receive a complimentary paper entitled 101 Tips for Success and a free personalised company benchmark report, worth £300 about six weeks later.2

Within the personalised Benchmark report available to each participant of the study, is their organisation’s unique Towards Maturity Index (TMI) – the measurement of how mature an organisation’s learning technology implementation is and, more importantly, how to improve it – Companies in the top quartile of the TMI scale engage twice the audience, save an additional 33% of cost and 50% in reduced study time. Their staff also reach proven competency 6 times faster as a result of using learning technologies.3

Laura Overton, Managing Director of Towards Maturity said, “Despite the growing investment in learning technologies, a shocking percentage of organisations are not using these tools to their full potential. I urge the learning industry to not reinvent the wheel in these difficult economic times, our free 2012 Benchmark Study will help you identify priorities, reduce risk and deliver business benefits.”

The Towards Maturity 2012 Benchmark Study is free to participate in thanks to the Towards Maturity’s Ambassador Programme, made up of 20 leading learning organisations. They work together as Ambassadors for change, identifying and improving good practice, raising awareness and driving the whole learning industry forward.

For more information about the Towards Maturity 2012 Benchmark click here.

  1. Onlignment is a Towards Maturity Supporter and as such we feed into the benchmark process, providing insights on future trends and practices that should be investigated within the study.  ↩

  2. Participants, who complete the Benchmark Study before the end of June, will receive their personalised benchmark in the middle of July. Participants who complete the benchmark after the end of June will receive their personalised report by mid-August. ↩

  3. Data from 2010 Towards Maturity Benchmark Study.  ↩

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