Online meetings – we can do better


Back in April, Phil Green advised us that we can’t go on meeting like this. A winter of travel disruptions from snow, volcanic dust clouds and industrial action made it clearer than ever that there has to be an alternative to the face-to-face meeting. We already knew there were sound economic and environmental reasons for meeting […]

Tired of technology? There’s always a teleseminar

Sometimes the last thing to occur to you is the most obvious. Having trouble with broadband connections or technophobic participants? Then run your virtual live session using the telephone. This straightforward alternative was suggested to me by Connie Malamed in her posting Using Teleseminars for Training on her excellent eLearning Coach blog. Assuming you can’t […]

What do you call someone who runs online learning events?


Colin Steed of the Institute of IT Training has just shared the results of a poll he conducted on LinkedIn. The question: “What is your preferred job title for someone who teaches/facilitates online?” The most favoured response was ‘facilitator’, which sums up the role quite well. It’s also the title we chose at Onlignment when we […]