The Art of Online Communication

Onlignment helps organisations to learn and communicate online, taking advantage of the latest technologies to transform organisational performance. Our strategic consulting, workshops, masterclasses and design services are all aimed at helping you to better align your online learning and communications to your business needs.

Live and Online

live online Get the most value from your use of web conferencing for virtual classroom sessions, webinars and online meetings. Achieve spectacular efficiencies without compromising on the results you’re used to obtaining face-to-face.
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Social Media

social media Harness the power of social media to dramatically improve knowledge sharing and collaboration across your organisation. We’ll help you to effectively integrate social networking and collaborative tools into your business practices and then drive up usage.
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Digital Content

digital content Whether that’s web sites, videos, podcasts, or interactive learning materials, we can help upgrade the abilities of your subject experts, marketing, communications and training professionals to design and develop online content that really engages, informs and enthuses.
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Learning Strategy

learning strategy We can help you to create a new architecture for learning in your organisation that effectively integrates the formal and the informal, the top-down and the bottom-up. Design blended solutions that deliver massive efficiencies while improving on learning effectiveness.

Serious Elearning