What’s bin did and what’s bin hid

giving an idea bulb

I was never a great fan of the music of the folk singer Donovan, but I admired him for coming up with one of the most eye-catching titles of all time for a debut album. I’ve borrowed it as the title for this post. It directs me towards practices and prejudices I’ve met in my […]

Compliance or competence? Choose your target


A few years back, I had the opportunity to take on a consultancy assignment in deepest Africa. Before I could go, I had to complete an e-learning course around issues of health, safety and security. As I found out, in some parts of the world safety and security are very important issues, with real risk […]

Lessons From Learning Ukulele


I’ve been playing the ukulele for a while now1, but decided recently that it was time for some proper lessons. It’s the first time in a while that I’ve participated in any kind of formal face to face learning and it’s been useful not just as a budding ukelelist but also because of what I’ve […]